Fulfilling my Dreams

Joy BendrorA Blog post by NEV resident Joy Bendror

Program Manager Ashley Gunville sat down with each woman in her program and had them put together a list of all the dreams they wanted to fulfill and life experiences they wanted to encounter. Attending a Zac Brown Band concert and meeting Zac were two of the items on Joy’s list. The following post is Joy’s description of the night.

joy_carOn Sunday August 9th my dreams came true when my girl Ashley (Program Manager Ashley Gunville) and I took a town car to Fenway Park to see my favorite band – The Zac Brown Band. First we went to The Tasty Burger right outside of Fenway for a delicious dinner. Then we started our adventure at Fenway. There were a lot of people, but it was fun seeing all the fun stuff they have there. We ran into a big Mickey Mouse statue decorated with Red Sox joy-mickeylogos and also a big bobble head Wally; I took pictures with both. We found the counter that was for ticket services and asked them if we could be moved to the ADA section which is closer and easier for me to see. We were upgraded to the FRONT ROW of our section! It was night time, so I can’t see very well if I’m not close and the workers at Fenway went above and beyond to help me out there. Sitting so close, I got to see Mr. Zac Brown himself and boy is he handsome! When Zac Brown came out, the crowd went nuts. A couple of songs in he began one of my favorite songs “Keep me in mind” and the crowd started to get loud. When I asked Ashley why everyone had gotten so loud she told me that Zac Brown was walking through the crowd. We moved over to the fence and Zac walked right up to us singing and shaking hands, so I got to shake his hand. A few seconds later he came back and high-fived me! The highlight of the night though was when joy_autographsI was given Zac Brown’s purple guitar pick. A man named Chuck, who works for the band, tapped Ashley on the shoulder and said “I want her to have this guitar pick, she has been dancing all night and I love her enthusiasm.” Later in the night Chuck came back with another gift: he had the drummer of the Zac Brown Band, Chris Fryar, sign a drum head for me. I was so happy! It’s now hanging over the mirror in my room. I was so excited to get the guitar pick and drum head. I’ve never gotten anything like that before. It was my lucky day! When the concert was over, I took a wheelchair out of Fenway, so I didn’t get run over by the crowd. It was a “JOY” ride and I was riding in style baby! That night was the thrill of my life!

This was my second Zac Brown Band concert at Fenway Park and I can’t wait until next year. I hope that next year I can join the “Eat and Greet” that Zac does before his concerts, because it combines two of my favorite things: eating and hanging with Zac Brown! I am so happy I got to have this experience this summer, especially after the wild winter we had.



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