A Magical Adventure

MollyA Blog Post by NEV Resident Molly Houston

On Monday, March 14th, I left with Ashley to head to Logan Airport for our trip to Disney to celebrate my 30th birthday. I barely slept the night before I was so excited. Fred drove us to the airport and we flew down to Orlando; we were able to watch TV on the plane which made the flight a lot easier. When we got off the plane, the Disney Magical Express took us to the hotel we were staying at (Pop Century Resort). It was hot in Florida, so we changed into shorts and went right to the Continue reading

“Community” Theater

Ginger Comeau, Director of Enrichment and Community ServicesBy Ginger Comeau, Director of Enrichment and Community Services

Once upon a time a girl named Dorothy Gale wished more than anything to fly over the rainbow in hopes of finding a place far from home where there weren’t any troubles.  She was sure it would be a magical place full of happiness and wonder, a place where her dreams could come true. On Friday, February 26, a crowd of more than 300 people were carried over that rainbow as New England Village presented a musical adaptation of The Wizard of Oz. Continue reading

The fire is stoked…

Ginger SullivanA blog post by Ginger Sullivan, Director of Residential Services

On January 27th, I joined other New England Village (NEV) staff and supporters at a celebratory kick-off for NEV’s 2016-2018 Strategic Plan. With our road map in hand, we now have a clear focus on priorities and strategic initiatives to move us along. With pleasure, I have been appointed as the leader for Priority One: Person Centered Planning.

Person centered thinking asks us to examine how we think about and plan for the future Continue reading

Fulfilling my Dreams

Joy BendrorA Blog post by NEV resident Joy Bendror

Program Manager Ashley Gunville sat down with each woman in her program and had them put together a list of all the dreams they wanted to fulfill and life experiences they wanted to encounter. Attending a Zac Brown Band concert and meeting Zac were two of the items on Joy’s list. The following post is Joy’s description of the night. Continue reading

Person-Centered Practices & Servant Leadership

Victoria R. Gill, Director of Day Habilitation ServicesA blog post by
Victoria R. Gill,
Director of Day Habilitation Services

Across the nation there is a growing movement that is increasing the adoption of “Person-Centered Planning” (PCP) as the method used to develop service plans for persons served with developmental or intellectual disabilities. In contrast to previous and existing systems which have typically been driven by the provider/caregiver system, service design and delivery methods within our industry are evolving to include the person served as the focal point of the development process. You may find yourself asking, “What exactly does it Continue reading

U Drive, U Text, U Pay

gail_brownA blog post by
Gail T. Brown, Executive Director

Since starting my job here at New England Village, I can easily say that I am now a “high mileage” driver, logging in close to 45,000 miles a year. Most of these miles are traveled on Massachusetts highways – the Mass Pike, Route 495, Route 3 and Route 6, although I do also travel frequently on local streets through many cities and towns across the State of Massachusetts. We have a beautiful state and actually I don’t mind all of the driving, although I do think our highways need some attention and repair. Traveling through all types of weather conditions doesn’t bother me and even with all of the snow this past year, I continued to log my usual weekly miles. I consider myself a very safe and defensive driver, but to be honest, I have been known previously to have a “lead foot.” I now pay careful attention to travel conditions, obey the posted speed limits and have an excellent driving record.

Continue reading

Be Safe Out There

susannah-locketti_blogA blog post by
Aquatics & Wellness Coordinator,
Susannah Locketti

I love the month of May. The spring air makes a shift around Memorial Day, a reason why many consider the holiday weekend the “unofficial” start of summer. Pools are opened, beach stickers are on the SUV’s, campgrounds welcome visitors and boating trips begin their fishing excursions. There is something about water that makes it an attractive way to beat the heat while having fun.

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A Community with Heart…

Ginger SullivanA blog post by Ginger Sullivan,
Director of Residential Services
at New England Village

As I participated in a recent Celebration of Life honoring long-term Village resident Michael Hackmeyer, I was struck by the sincere love the community had for this wonderful person – a love that was mature, organic and reciprocal. Michael truly lived a full life at New England Village; one of adventure, creativity, humor and kindness.
Often at the Village, we appropriately applaud our creative and expanding services, dedicated staff and the individual successes achieved by our participants – all of which is wonderful; however, one thing I think we tend to take for granted are the genuine and heartfelt relationships that develop between our participants. Continue reading