The fire is stoked…

Ginger SullivanA blog post by Ginger Sullivan, Director of Residential Services

On January 27th, I joined other New England Village (NEV) staff and supporters at a celebratory kick-off for NEV’s 2016-2018 Strategic Plan. With our road map in hand, we now have a clear focus on priorities and strategic initiatives to move us along. With pleasure, I have been appointed as the leader for Priority One: Person Centered Planning.

Person centered thinking asks us to examine how we think about and plan for the future for individuals receiving our supports and services. Beth Mount, a leader in Person Centered thinking comments that “Person-centered change challenges us to discover and invent a personal dream for people, to craft a pattern of living that increases people’s participation and belonging in community life.” The Person Centered Plan provides clarity and understanding of the opportunities for growth, development and new possibilities. As we embrace this philosophy, we will be evaluating our existing services, practices and systems. As providers of service, each of us will focus on individuality – supporting an array of services that are a reflection of the unique interests, talents and desires of the person.

While it is indeed quite an undertaking, I accept this responsibility with excitement and an understanding that I have the support of our Board of Directors, families, participants, staff and funding sources. Joining me in steering this initiative are four talented and passionate advocates who have accepted the role of PCP Trainers: Kim Lowman, Ashley Gunville, Carol Vienneau and Ginger Comeau. Our charge is simple: empowerment! Empowerment of our participants to create a life that is designed by and for them.  A life that is full of all the good things that make life meaningful to each of us: choice, control, respect, dignity, relationships and more. Our progress is underway and I look forward to the journey ahead.

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