Tradition and Change

Matthew Stoneby Community Connector Matthew Stone

December and the holiday season are a great time for us all to go back to our roots and celebrate much loved traditions. Interestingly, the end of the year also leads us into a time where we focus very much on change with the coming new year. Some may say that these two concepts are diametrically opposed;  however this time of year is almost confounding, because it forces us to face both simultaneously. The best way to do so is not to view tradition and change as enemies, but as two forces that can come together to create harmony within yourself. Within tradition, one can naturally find the support that is usually necessary to directly confront and accept the changes in life. On the other hand, change is constant, always making old traditions harder and harder to hold onto. Both can seem intimidating, but that is when one must change how they view the situation.

Change can be an extremely harrowing experience for some people. When met with many changes all at once, some may find that they are completely overwhelmed or left feeling helpless. This can make it seem as though there is a loss of control over your life’s direction. It is important to note that everyone who has to make sense of new territory will need some type of support. The holiday season is  a great time for reflection and an opportunity to really check-in with one’s self to see if the changes and challenges in life are being faced head-on. If not, why? Answering that question will help to define the support necessary. One of the benefits of being around friends and family while celebrating the traditions of this season, is that they can help guide and encourage you through whatever change life is offering – good or bad.

Tradition and change can work together to create a more harmonious life. Take the values that are taught through traditions and use them when facing new changes to stay in touch with what is really important to you. Remind others to do the same.

Happy 2016!


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